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During the past 20 plus years of working with Susan and her Tangent Corporation colleagues, I continue to be amazed with their professionalism and insight into the needs of our business.  Tangent truly believes in placing the right candidate with the right organization.


Maurice Roche is one of the best recruiters I have worked with. He takes the time to get to know you and what will make your quality of life better before bringing forth opportunities. He is very sensitive to your needs and will only bring opportunities to you that are worth your time and effort. It’s great to work with someone who isn’t thinking about just placing you so they will receive their bonus but one who cares enough to make sure you are in the right position that you will be happy in for the long-term. This is why I refer family, friends and networking contacts to him.


I am incredibly impressed! Not only were you and your team able to find us a “rock star” employee, but the way you did it was amazing!

I have worked on filling more than 50 openings throughout my time at Netuitive, and the experience with Suzanne and Tangent has been truly more than exceptional. Our candidate-to-hire ratio has always been extremely daunting, but you and your team were able to find the perfect applicant on the first attempt! In only two weeks we had filled the opening something that has taken months to do in the past.

Our executives and I remain extremely impressed, not only with Tangent, but also with our new employee! She is already “turning heads” with her work ethic, integrity, teamwork and attitude.

If we ever need help with staffing in the future, there will only be on place we will turn to for help: you!

-Nathan Miller, HR Generalist

My biggest break after I moved to DC was being referred to Tangent! My experience surpassed all expectations I had for placement firms. Due to their DC connections, I have been placed in three offices, each organization with a unique, professional and rewarding environment. My Tangent contact has been warm, enthusiastic, dedicated and more. Her interview coaching directly affected my ability to demonstrate my potential in the sometimes stressful interview process. Kathleen ensures that she is always available and creates a casual, open environment that makes her a pleasure to work with. I am lucky to be able to work with Kathleen and the rest of the Tangent staff. Thank you for your dedication and hard work in finding me full-time employment!


Venture Philanthropy Partners had the opportunity to work with Furman Robinson when we needed to source a strong resource to fill our business manager position.  Furman provided us with exceptional support and identified several qualified candidates – which resulted in a real win for VPP in terms of new talent to join our team.  But the relationship has gone beyond “one search”.  Furman has been a valued resource to VPP when we have needed advice, guidance or just a sounding board to vet ideas related to other human capital needs.  He has invested the time and energy to really understand our work and culture to provide thoughtful recommendations to support VPP.  Tangent is truly committed to supporting the nonprofit sector which has been evident through our experience with their team.

-Eleanor Rutland, COO
Venture Philanthropy Partners

I am so glad that I decided to contact Tangent. It turned out to be one of the best decisions for my career. The staff at Tangent takes the time to get to know you and locate opportunities that align with your personality and career goals. Because of their guidance and knowledge base, I was able to land in an excellent position with a well established company- it was a perfect match.


Saul first helped me out by providing some superlative candidates for a very challenging, tough to fill requirement for the office of our President. As a hiring official I relied on him to advertise job vacancies in strategic places, vet candidates and cull applicants. Saul was always responsive and took care to customize and fine-tune his approach to match our needs. In short, we felt very well-served and can point to Saul’s concrete results as proof.

-Eric Elmore
Institute of Defense Analysis

Suzanne, Thank you for all the help you have given me with my job search.  Tangent placed me in a position which matched my personality and previous experience perfectly.  I especially appreciate the information and advice you provided, your assistance has been invaluable to me during this process.  I look forward to staying in touch and will continue to refer Tangent to other job seekers.


After meeting with our executives to determine their exact needs, Suzanne Grinage was able to identify within a matter of days incredibly skilled and competent candidates, provide us with background and reference, and help us through the process to find the right fit for a national health care association office.

-Darlene Vanderbush, Executive Director
American Hospital Association

Saul and Tangent did an excellent job with our recent search for an Office Manager/Executive Assistant.  Saul is relentless in his pursuit of a successful outcome for the client.  He was efficient, direct and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him.

-Andrew Reinsdorf, SVP
Government Relations

I want to really thank you for all of your hard work and kindness during my job search! I was very impressed with Tangent’s integrity and high standards. I most definitely will be passing Tangent’s name along!


I was truly impressed by the genuine interest you and your colleagues expressed in filling the needs of your clients, both employers and job candidates. I also thank you for your expertise and the invaluable advice you rendered on interview techniques. You do an excellent job in covering every step.


Kathleen, it’s been two weeks now and I’m absolutely loving my new job. Everyone here has been so welcoming and inviting. I know I’ve made the right decision and couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s hard to believe that you found me my first job in DC eight years ago. The woman I am today is far different than the one you met back then. I greatly appreciate all your sage advice (I definitely needed coaching back then). I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with you and the folks at Tangent. As always, I’m happy to refer friends your way as you’re the best at what you do!!


I really appreciate your attention to me and assistance in helping me.  I have met with other recruiting firms in the past, but bar none, you really know your stuff as the person who recommended you said.  I hope this works out for us and that this is the last time “I” need your assistance but can’t wait to network “you” with my friends and former colleagues.  It has been nice working with you and I love your Jewish Mother approach.  I think we both share in the same need to care for others…hence, my desire to be a professional career EA.


Susan, I didn’t want to bother you while you were on vacation so I waited until today to say THANK YOU!!! I was so excited to get the call from Suzanne. I am actually getting ready to go over to my new employer now and am excited about my first day of work. Thank you so much for working so hard on my behalf to help me get a job. I really, really appreciate it. I hope you had a great and relaxing vacation!


Suzanne, I hope you are doing well! I am absolutely loving my position here at Glover Park Group and could not be happier. What a great change it has been from my old job! Thanks again for all the work you did in helping me get this position.


After relocating the DC area, Tangent made my search easy in a tough job market.  I was encouraged by their determination and professionalism and happy with their results. I would recommend Tangent to any job seeker. Thanks again for everything.


Many, many thanks for all your help in finding me employment. I so much appreciate your tireless efforts, as well as your thoughtful advice.


When I began looking for a new job, I was referred to Tangent by a friend who was impressed with their services in the past. From the very first meeting, I felt confident that Tangent was going to be diligent and thoughtful in their search, and they did not disappoint. I was blown away by the in-depth, personal attention that I received working with my recruiter, Suzanne Grinage. Suzanne carefully listened to my career goals and aspirations and took the time to find a position that was keenly suited to my experience. I was so grateful for the candid advice she gave before my interviews and the guidance that was provided throughout the process.  Thanks to Tangent, I am now working for a wonderful company in a position that is helping me achieve my professional goals. I have already referred several friends to Tangent, and will continue to spread the word of this truly top-notch recruiting firm.


Whether you’re unemployed, underemployed, or simply looking for the next step in your career path, searching for a job is almost never an enjoyable process for most of us.  It can be very difficult to remain positive, especially when we are constantly reminded of the current economic crisis.  Ambition is quickly stifled when the most common words of encouragement you hear are, “You’re lucky to have a job at all these days.”  This is where Susan and Tangent have been a godsend.  The most frustrating part of my job search was the countless hours spent searching for the next step in my career path and sending out resumes that never receive a response.  With Susan in my corner, I feel like I have an ally through this difficult process.  Susan has the inside knowledge to know what the employer is looking for and whether or not we are a good match.  I don’t know which has been of greater value to me – the knowledge that Susan brings to her job, or the encouragement she has given me.  I am indebted to Susan for the time she has put in to help me find the right opportunities. She has made my job search so much more productive, considerably less stressful and for that I am forever grateful.