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Firm Profile

Tangent Corporation is a recruiting firm founded in 1982, specializing in recruiting executive administrative, professional, digital and social media positions. We have a current consulting staff of ten individuals supported by two highly skilled research associates.  The recruitment staff has more than 100 years of combined search and hiring expertise.  Our clients represent every major industry located in the Washington Metropolitan area.  Our network of professional contacts is wide ranging and is deeply rooted in the association and nonprofit fields.  In 1995, Tangent expanded by establishing Tangent West in Denver, Colorado.  Tangent maintains membership with the National Association of Personnel Services.

Our clients’ commitment to staff their organizations with outstanding personnel drives our own corporate commitment to search out, recruit, and evaluate only those candidates who clearly stand out among their peers.

Non-discrimination Policy

Tangent Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer, in accordance with the District of Columbia (Code Section 2-1401.01). We do not discriminate on the basis of actual or perceived: race, color, origin, religion, national origin, sex (gender or sexual harassment), age, marital status, sexual orientation, personal appearance, familial status, family responsibilities, matriculation, political affiliation, and disability.

Americans With Disabilities Act Policy

Tangent’s office is located in a building that complies with the ADA.  In addition, our interview and testing rooms are wheelchair accessible, and our testing can accommodate the visual or hearing impaired.

Training Procedures

All new recruiters participate in a three day program, two hours of which are devoted to implementation of non-discriminatory practices. In addition, all Tangent management and professional staff are encouraged to continue their education and training by attending seminars and classes offered by outside experts. Membership in professional organizations related to executive recruitment is strongly supported.

In addition, Tangent provides three hours of recruiter and managerial training on a weekly basis. Additional meetings are held on an ongoing basis to update and re-train senior staff regarding the implementation of our policies and practices.

Applicant Sources

In the past 30 years, Tangent has received over 11,000 permanent search assignments and has assisted in the hiring of over 5,200 employees for our clients in the Washington Metropolitan area.  We have formally evaluated and entered into our database over 60,000 viable job candidates.  The broad based experience of Tangent’s recruiters, combined with the overall industry knowledge we possess, gives Tangent a depth of executive recruitment and hiring experience unique in our industry.

Recruitment And Evaluation Services

The following tasks are presented sequentially; however, in many instances these services take place simultaneously.

Needs Assesment

An initial meeting is held to thoroughly determine the complete specifications for each position and potential candidates, and to gather information relevant to the candidate search and recruitment effort.  This will include background information on the position and department; candidate as well as the specifics about the roles, duties, candidate evaluation, and screening data in the interviewing and hiring process.  This assessment will take place with the individuals involved in the interviewing and decision making process.

Search And Recruitment Plan

A meeting of all recruiters takes place in which the search assignment is distributed and discussed.  Key elements include each position description; the experience, interpersonal skills, and competencies necessary; a review of the organization and department; any pertinent background information relating to each position or organization, including features and benefits which may be used to motivate the potential candidate; and the interviewing and hiring process.  Appropriate research and candidate search activity is identified in order to develop a search plan.

A search plan for each position may include: research and the sourcing of Tangent’s proprietary database to identify key staff at appropriate corporations, associations, and other organizations; preparing lists of networking contacts at appropriate resources; developing marketing presentations on each position to use when making initial calls to potential candidates and those who can refer them; and developing a set of initial screening questions for each position to use in determining which potential candidates should be interviewed in person.

To use our time effectively in identifying potential candidates, it is important that we focus our efforts in the right areas.  Therefore, we ask that the client provide a list of organizations and individuals to exclude from the recruitment plan.

Implementation Of The Search And Recruitment Plan

Once we begin our recruitment, Tangent recruiters exchange information daily on the search activities and continue to redirect the action plans as needed. Updates are regularly given to the appropriate client contact regarding the progress and results of the search.


If appropriate, recruiters meet personally with candidates to interview them in depth, assess their qualifications and to determine that the candidate has a serious interest in each position.

Reference Checking

Tangent will contact the specific references, including businesses, personal and academic, as requested by the client.  We will forward a written copy of the references done by Tangent.  However, we are not responsible for the truthfulness of the information acquired.

Any reference information supplied to the client by the candidate or Tangent is confidential.  The client agrees not to jeopardize the confidentiality of any candidate by contacting references directly without specific authorization.

Presentation Of Candidate To The Client

As qualified candidates are identified, they will be presented to the client with a review of their backgrounds and achievements as they relate to each position.

Brief And De-brief Candidates

Prior to each interview, we provide a briefing of each candidate to help the client prepare for the interview, and additionally provide each candidate with detailed information about the organization and each position.  This helps each participant in the hiring process make assessments based on all of the information available.

Immediately following an interview, each candidate contacts his or her recruiter at Tangent to explore the candidate’s post interview reactions and interest in the position.  The client manager will follow up with the client to determine the post-interview interest in candidate and to answer any questions that arise as a result of the interview.  Any adjustments needed to the recruitment plan will be discussed at this time.

Employment Selection And Hiring Services

It is often in this phase of the process that some of Tangent’s most client-valued consulting expertise comes into play.  From our position relative to both the client and the potential employee, we are often able to make smooth what can be the rockiest area of the selection and hiring process; choosing the best person to hire and constructing a competitive offer.  Clients have told us that the clarification or additional information we were able to provide to them and/or to candidates played a key role in the decision making process.  Tangent provides the client with whatever consulting is needed to make the final selection of the best person for each position and to extend or negotiate an offer that will be accepted.

Follow Up With Client And New Employee

From the time the offer is accepted, Tangent establishes a regular pattern of following up with the new employee and the client contact to make sure that client expectations are met and the transition period goes smoothly.

Because of our expertise in helping make highly successful employment matches and in supporting them through the first year of employment, it is rare for a new employee hired through Tangent not to succeed in the position. However, in the event of an unsuccessful match, a replacement guarantee protects your investment in the employee. It is Tangent’s commitment to find you someone who will be successful in the position.