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What is Tangent?

We are a recruiting firm specializing in executive administrative, professional, digital and social media positions, also providing temporary services. We have a staff of dedicated individuals. We are located in Washington, DC and have sister offices in Denver and Vail, Colorado. Since 1982, we have acquired the experience that allows us to offer expert advice on careers and hiring. That is why 72% of our client companies keep coming back to us.


The average amount of experience Tangent Executive Recruiters have is 12 years. As search professionals, we know it is important to learn more information about a position than salary, hours, benefits and background required. We want to know the scope of the responsibilities, and the basic nature and style of the company. Through these efforts, we make the match between talent and opportunity a better and lasting one.


We have a staff large enough to fill any need, yet we are small enough to work closely together. No matter what the size of the need or criteria of the project, no one gets lost in the database and nothing slips to the wayside. Teamwork and regular communication keep our information fresh and everyone up-to-date. It also keeps our focus precisely where it belongs- on you.


We are not interested in volume or turnover. We build relationships with our clients. We learn from our first experience with you about what you want and need. We take the time to find out about each candidate and each company. The stronger our relationship with a business, the better we can serve not only the business, but the candidate as well. That is how we build trust.

Q. What is unique about Tangent?
Tangent Corporation is the oldest privately held search firm (30 years in 2012) providing the Washington, DC metropolitan area with retained, contingency search services and now offering temporary services. Our longevity speaks to our adaptability, deep knowledge of the market, and to the quality of our work.

Q. How effective are you?
When you work with us on 3 positions our statistics show that we will fill 2 of them. We provide the focused recruitment of an executive search firm.

Q. How do you find your candidates?
We source our candidates from recruiting networks, contacts, and a 60,000 person database that has been developed over our 30 years in business. This gives us access to an entire marketplace of employees that are not publicly available.

Q. Why should I believe you’re as good as you say you are?
Don’t. Just ask any of the over 2800 businesses we serve. You will see why 72% of our clients use us again, and again.

Q. What happens if the person I hire doesn’t work out?
We have a guarantee period during which we check to make sure that things are working out. If a problem exists, we will work with you and the employee to resolve it and, if appropriate, will arrange for the replacement of the employee.