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Current Talent Represented

Tangent is excited about a robust 2014 and are starting with sterling candidates. Here is a sample of who we are currently representing:

Administrative Assistant supporting the Membership of a Professional Trade Organization. Fluent in Spanish, she also literally stayed up all night transcribing voluminous Board minutes for her organization’s Executive Board Committee when the outsourcing firm they used didn’t pull through- and it was letter perfect! She coordinates meetings, conferences; maintains 2 databases and provides financial support (payables, receivables, processes online payments); writes press releases;

Executive Assistant to the President who doesn’t just not show up for work. Her President said,“ she broke her leg and was still here. I basically said, “you have a broken leg. She was texting and sending me communications while her cast was being put on.”

Administrative Assistant with 5 years’ experience supporting top Litigation Attorney in the State. “Her administrative position demanded an employee who could both problem solve and consistently meet the details of her assignments. She almost, always able to accomplish her job independently. Available for temporary or a direct hire position.

Administrative Communications Associate who handles RFP’s and monitors and analyzes what comes in, and negotiates prices. Edits most of the organizations publications, writes press releases and proofs and edits much of the communications that go out.

Special Assistant to the CEO who is a whiz with Microsoft Office Suite and knows Outlook like the back of her hand. Writes correspondence for the CEO who rarely has to make changes. Viewed by her executive as his Personal Assistant and Office Manager for IT, facilities, office security and vendor relations. “She really cares about the expenditures of the organization. Her attitude is if you look after the pennies, the dollars will look after themselves.

Please think of us as you need to hire new talent and don’t forget our new temporary staffing division.