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Q. What do you do?
We assist a prestigious and diverse group of employers in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area in hiring executive administrative, professional, digital and social media staff.

Q. Who are Tangent’s client companies?
2300 of the metropolitan area’s major businesses including associations, Fortune 500 companies, political organizations, research institutes, media and telecommunication firms, and local corporations.

Q. What is the staff like?
We have a combination of senior consultants, who have over 20 years experience in the field, and consultants just beginning their career with a fresh vision and pulse on the issues relevant to their contemporaries. This unique synergy in cross-mentoring creates a dynamic flow of expertise.

Q. What do I have to do?
Call us or email your resume. If we feel we can be of assistance, we’ll have a frank discussion about your interests and experience and decide on how we can best help you. We won’t waste your time because we will decide on a suitable strategy together.

Q. What’s my obligation?
Tell us what you want – and what you don’t want and be open and honest with us. We can be flexible and can work according to your needs, at no cost to you.

Q. What is your process?
If appropriate, we will meet with you immediately. We’ll brief you – in detail and ahead of time – about any interview we arrange for you. Even after you’re hired, you’ll continue to receive follow up support from Tangent to ensure your career development. We’ll be with you from start to finish, and more.

Q. What if I realize my new position is not a match?
It sometimes happens, though we reduce the risk by making sure you don’t accept a position you’re not completely sure about beforehand. But if it does become unsuitable, we’ll work with you and the employer at trying to resolve any troubles. If there is no resolution, Tangent will do its best to find you the right opportunity.

Q. Why should I believe you?
Don’t. Talk with the over 5000 people who have found careers with us; then call us!

Career Transaction Checklist

After 30 years of seeing people start well or poorly in their new careers, we have noticed there are certain things that successful people do. So, we have put together a simple list to help everyone.

Research industry web sites, company literature and annual reports.

Memorize staff names, spellings and organizational charts.

Read correspondence, files and internal memos.

Improve by scheduling time to solicit constructive criticism.

Meet everyone personally within an established time frame.

Ask who you need to go to for direction.

Understand the result and time frame desired for each assignment.

Check early in the process to assure progress is as expected.

Avoid any negative person or conversation.

Perform excellent work by arriving early and staying late.

Apologize immediately to the right person for a mistake made.

Plan daily what you need to do and do it.

Dress well, everyday.

Inquire if there is anything else you can do before leaving for the day.

Enjoy the success and satisfaction of professional accomplishment.